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Personalized Custom Initial and Address Embosser


Ergonomic & lightweight - Versatile as a pocket & desk seal - Consistent & excellent impression quality - Up to 29% less CO2

Product Technical Specifications
• 1-5/8" Round die or 1"x2" Rectangular die
• This design allows for 3 Lines
• Each line will be printed in the font as shown in example
• Actual text size may be different from the example depending on your personalization and how it needs to be adjusted to fit in the design
• Envelope or any other material are NOT included
• You have the option to choose Top, or Bottom embosser.
• Includes desk embossing device and personalized embossing plate.
• Our embossers are suitable for text to medium weight paper 60lb.
• Embossers come standard bottom load orientation, suitable for using on envelope flaps. Please see photo for details.

• Fill in each line of text.
For example:
Line #1: Top Arch: 10801 San Lorenzo
Line #2: Middle : E
Line #3: Bottom Arch: Oklahoma City 73173

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